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    ETL SEMKO is Intertek Testing Services Ltd., the Company is the world's largest product and commodities testing organization in North America, Europe, Asia, 93 countries have 240 laboratories, 469 offices. ETL SEMKO provides product safety testing and certification, EMC testing, performance testing, such as the provision of medicine at the same time, HVAC, appliances, telecommunications, aerospace, automation, semiconductor, building materials, energy generation systems such as the quality management industry registration system.
    Any electrical, mechanical or mechanical and electrical products with a long ETL logo on the test that it is tested in accordance with the relevant industry standards. Each industry to have different testing standards, so the requirements of a specific product must be accountable to the Professional Advisory. ETL mark in the cable test is widely used in products that passed testing.

    ETL certification of knowledge
    most areas in the United States, the approval of electrical products is compulsory. ETL refers to the company ETL Testing Laboratories (ETL Testing Laboratories Inc). ETL listed the product is from "the right of judicial authorities" (Authorities Having Jurisdiction) recognized that the "approved."
    ETL factory inspection
    ETL certification generally not necessary before the factory inspection, subject to the periodic no-notice inspections of factories, including follow-up inspection program to compensate for these inspections to be an annual fee levied .
    If necessary, the inspectors witnessed the products can be re-testing or testing in the laboratory after sampling.
    Without a permit and ETL must sign a statutory contract (service agreement), which clearly sets out the responsibility of manufacturers, as well as for ETL and ETL listing the conditions for the use of signs. ETL Certificate
    currently achieved in two ways, one is transferred through the CB test reports can also be a direct application, submission of documents required are as follows:
    1. The application form a copy of test certificate
    2.CB ( does not require direct applications)
    3.CB copies of test reports (no need for direct application)
    4. Sample
    5. other relevant test results and product data, such as: product manuals, photographs, components list and so on.
    (Such as through the CB report to, it would take for the difference test)

    About U.S. ETL certification
    ETL Testing Laboratory is a U.S. electronic (Electrical Testing Laboratories) abbreviation . ETL laboratory inventors from the United States in 1896 in Edison single-handedly created, in the United States and around the world enjoy a high reputation. With UL, CSA, like, ETL standards or in accordance with UL standard tests issued by the U.S. National ETL certification mark can also be at the same time the United States in accordance with UL standards or national standards and CSA standards or standard tests issued by the Canadian composite certification mark. The lower right corner of the "us" that applies to the United States, the bottom left of the "c" that applies to Canada, at the same time with "us" and "c" is applicable in both countries.
    Any electrical, mechanical or mechanical and electrical products with a long ETL logo on the show that this product has been achieved by the widely recognized products of the United States and Canada minimum requirements for safety standards, it is tested in accordance with the relevant product safety standards; but also represents a production plants agreed to receive regular stringent checks to ensure consistency of product quality can be sold in the market between the two countries the United States and Canada.
    ETL requirements of its production sites also have been tested, and the applicant agreed to its factory since the tracking of periodic inspection to ensure products always comply with this request.
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